Drawing and art is back in my life. It’s like getting to hang out with an old friend who moved away when you were 23 years old, and it’s awesome. I’m making a point to try to do something weekly. Ideally I’d love to get back into painting again… but baby steps, Jess.

Monster sketch: Knot By Gran'ma Drawing Time | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
Just floating somewhere… monster sketch.

This little sqiddy monster was just a quick sketch that I did the other night, while watching wrestling. Don’t judge me. Wrestling is my soap opera. It’s just more interesting, because they fight in the middle of everything.

Roarsome Yarn label template: Knot By Gran'ma Drawing Time | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
Soon to be a thing; monster yarn line collector labels. I called dibs.

I’ve also been playing around with label designs. This is the template I’m going to use for my Roarsome Yarn yarns. It could be cool to draw a new monster every month or so to switch out and add to the labels. They could be like monster yarn line collector labels. Does that exist? I’m totally calling dibs if it’s not already a thing, because I think that would be awesome.¬†Anyway. This is the rough idea…


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Knot By Gran’ma Drawing Time
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