Neil Patrick Harris has been one of my favorite actors for a very long time. He’s just… good.

Aside from Doogie Howser (who in hindsight, reminds me of a guy I dated in high school… just without the medical degree at 16 part), the first time I saw Mr. Harris was when he was starring in a play called, “Luck, Pluck, and Virtue”. I was 14 years old. I had just flown across the country from New York to San Diego to visit Grandma and Jim. I was feeling pretty awesome. Grandma and Jim always took me to the most incredible places.

This play was the highlight of the trip… well that and winning a cooler in a Hawaiian shirt contest. I was wearing a t-shirt with a painted (by me) hula dancer on an island with palm trees. It totally wasn’t a real Hawaiian shirt. I also went to Comic Con and had this great picture of Spiderman, Wolverine, and I taken. It was a good two weeks.

Spiderman & Wolverine & me: Who Has Thumbs and Got to Meet Neil Patrick Harris Three Times? | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
San Diego Comic Con with Spiderman, Wolverine, and a 14 year old me. 1994.

Anyway. “Luck, Pluck, and Virtue” was amazing. I laughed and probably didn’t understand (yet) a lot of the humor and dark nature of the play. It was a great evening, capped off with getting to meet Mr. Neil Patrick Harris himself. I think he signed my composition book too. He also muttered something about Jim being pretty heavy on the picture taking. Best night ever. You can read a review of the show here.

After high school (well, technically 2 months before graduation) I moved to San Diego permanently. I moved in with Grandma and Jim and started school at San Diego State University. We had some great times. One of those times was going to see RENT… also starring NPH. Holy. Crap. Amazing. I went out and bought the soundtrack. I knew all the words. I was completely blown away. We waited afterwards and for a second time, I got to meet my pal (not really in real life) Neil Patrick Harris again. He was in a rush and I got a handshake. Grandma was like he’s a nice boy. He should date my Jessica (That’s me. She was the best and made me feel so special.). Oh Grandma…

Neil Patrick Harris and me: Who Has Thumbs and Got to Meet Neil Patrick Harris Three Times? | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
Neil Patrick Harris and a very short haired Jess. I don’t remember if this was RENT or Luck, Pluck, and Virtue…

The final time I got to meet Neil Patrick Harris was about a year later. He was Romeo, and that was enough. (Fun Fact: Romeo & Juliet is one of my favorite works of all time. I especially love the movie version, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes.) So I had seen many, many, many, many versions of Romeo & Juliet. I knew how it ended. I never cried, because I already knew what was going to happen. Well. Let’s just say I was a blubbering pile of tears when NPH was Romeo. BLUBBERING. I pulled myself together to meet him after the show. He was really polite as I shook his hand and started babbling about how many times I had seen him perform and met him and in hindsight probably looked like a crazy, starstruck, 19 year old. Good times.

So that’s it. Who has thumbs and got to meet Neil Patrick Harris three times? This lady.

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Who Has Thumbs and Got to Meet Neil Patrick Harris Three Times?
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