Yes. Interviews are back. I miss learning about people (I like to whine about how I’m missing the whole community aspect when I bring something like this back.) and their craft. I like seeing what other creatives are doing. I’m a little nosy, but not stalker nosy. It’s good to pull your head out of your work once in a while to see what other people are doing. Creating is wonderful but so is taking in creativity. Let’s start with learning about me. I’ll be interviewing myself today. It’s only fair.

Handspun Roarsome Yarn and monster: The Knot By Gran'ma Interview Now With Killer Dance Moves| Knot By Gran'ma
My newest! Handspun, hand dyed worsted weight yarn being modeled by my little monster doll.

Jess interviewer: What is your business? What do you do?

Jess interviewee: My business is Knot By Gran’ma. I crochet monsters… monster art dolls, monster ornaments, adorable amigurumi monsters. I also crochet cat & pug butt ornaments and keychains and design original crochet patterns.

Jess interviewer: How did you start?

Jess interviewee: I started Knot By Gran’ma when I found out I was going to be a mom for the first time. Hubs’ job made it possible for me to stay home and raise Kiddo, so I did. I had been working for most of my life up to that point, and I needed to do something. I formed Knot By Gran’ma and started making poorly sized, ugly hats. Eventually I started making flowers, then clothing, and somehow ended up crocheting monster dolls. The butts and crochet pattern design came later.

Jess interviewer: Please share a random photo of yourself… the maker/artist/business person. Let’s connect a face with what you’re doing. Tell us what’s going on in this picture.

Jess interviewee: It was Mother’s Day a few years ago, and Hubs and I were cleaning out the chicken coop. I had the bandanna on my hair to keep the chicken poop dust out of my hair. The mask was to keep the chicken poop dust out of my lungs. Such a gross job! I’m also sporting my crazy Grandpa Joe eyebrows. We get fresh eggs out of the ladies though, so this is one chore that’s totally worth it.

Jess cleaning the chicken coop on Mother's Day: Interview Time and it May Include Killer Dance Moves

Jess interviewer: What is your favorite part about what you do?

Jess interviewee: I love the freedom I have. I love that I can take a lunch date with my pal if I need. I’m thrilled to be able to create cool and amazing things out of string. It’s even better when I make the yarn that I’m creating with. I have hit the point where I feel like I’m in a good place, doing all the things that I love. It’s wonderful running this business.

Jess interviewer: Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Jess interviewee: I see myself organized, with another angora bunny, and creating my heart out. I’ll have patterns that people are diggin’, monsters that people want to buy, artwork everywhere, and Roarsome Yarn will be killing it. I think my car should be paid off by then too… and maybe I’ll finally have that fence to block out my neighbor that I’m not a fan of. That would be great.

Jess interviewer: If you had to give yourself advice on business, what would it be?

Jess interviewee: Uh… stop trying to please people and not being true to yourself. You have an amazing gift that is unique to you. Just shut up, stop comparing yourself to others, and just get to work. Don’t be lazy. Take lots of hikes when you get stressed, and find a way to visit the ocean more.

Jess interviewer: What is your favorite achievement?

Jess interviewee: That would have to be learning how to spin. I just decided it was time and did it. It’s incredible to see where you started not too long ago, and be able to see the progress that you have made since then.

Jess interviewer: Do you like long walks on the beach? Yes or no.

Jess interviewee: Yes

Jess interviewer: What is a playlist off of your music player (fancy newfangled gadgets) like?

Jess interviewee: It’s all over the place… I love everything except Country and most rap music. You’ll find Aerosmith, Sarah Vaughn, Aretha, Jack Johnson, 80’s hair metal, and Eddie Vedder (among everything else) all on shuffle on my phone. I love it. Music is very important to my good state of mind, so it’s on constantly.

Jess interviewer: What is you favorite dessert, dance move, guilty pleasure, and celebrity crush? Go.

Jess interviewee: That would be cheesecake, The Roger Rabbit, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and Johnny Depp FOREVER (Creepy? Too much?).


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The Knot By Gran’ma Interview Now With Killer Dance Moves
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