So this caught my eye the other day. It was actually trending on Facebook. Here’s your headline: “After 8 centuries, rats exonerated in spread of Black Death. Gerbils implicated.” What?! Really?! This is a thing?! This sort of thing is actual “news”. Some lady’s butt, who apparently “broke the internet”… not so much (She really should use her powers for good instead.).

Immediately I pictured this drawing below… well, originally I pictured it with people running away from the giant gerbil, clutching yarn to their chests, and crying, “run for your lives! Save the yarn!” I couldn’t draw all that and have it look like a real picture. My skills only go so far. I improvised with just the giant gerbil in the midst of the mass destruction and chaos that is fire. The scarf is a reference to the yarn that no one will get unless they read this blog post.

Giant plague gerbil drawing: Who Is Really To Blame For The Bubonic Plague? | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
Stinkin’ gerbils…

Basically the article states that SCIENCE found, through weather patterns documented by 15 tree-rings, that the rat (who has been blamed for the Black Death forever) did not cause or (later) spread of bubonic plague through their plague infested fleas. It was most likely our cute friend, the gerbil. Yes. The gerbil. No one ever suspects the gerbil. Gerbils… and their plague carrying fleas. Did you even know that gerbils could carry fleas? Yick.

Now scientists are trying to prove that the plague was somehow airborne instead transmitted through fleas… which strengthens the whole gerbil case and further exonerates the rats. That was the point where my brain overloaded on the awesome that is science, and quit comprehending what I was trying to read. Read the original article here, and see what I’m talking about. Science is so amazing.

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Who Is Really To Blame For The Bubonic Plague?
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