Gaaaaaaaaaah! I can’t move forward with this crochet pattern design. I’m stuck. This was going to be an awesome Turkey Doll for my newsletter (sign up here) peeps, and it’s horrible. This design is creating enough frustration (2 days now) that I’m scrapping it. I’ve been on a roll as of late, so I guess a little setback is okay.

I started with a great little turkey sketch… it has the shapes and personality that I wanted our Turkey Doll to have.

Turkey Drawing: Yeah This Design isn't working Out | Knot By Gran'ma
Too cool for school turkey drawing

I’m ending up with some weird crocheted bird head, no idea how to finish the neck, and a bad taste in my mouth. Butts. In the interest of not getting mad at the crochet (too late), I’ll be setting this one aside for now. Maybe it’ll turn into some great pterodactyl hybrid creature or something cool. And yes. I did just spell pterodactyl from memory. THAT’s never happened before… always looking for that silver lining.

Failed crochet turkey doll head: Yeah This Design isn't Working Out | Knot By Gran'ma Blog
Just weird and not turkey like at all!

That being said, I’ll be doing something else for my newsletter pals. It’s going to have to be a little simpler since I’m crushed for time. Maybe turkey shaped coasters? That could be pretty neat if I do it right. So if you’re interested in an exclusive free crochet pattern monthly, and exclusive monster drawings that you can download, sign up for my newsletter. It’s going out weekly for now, but will soon be switching over to every other week.


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Yeah This Design isn’t Working Out
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  • October 30, 2014 at 9:51 am

    Aww sad! I was excited to see it, but the drawing will do for now 😉

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