Well hello there Knot by Gran’ma readers!  I’m Jenn from Squishy Cheeks & Cupcakes and I’m so excited to be here sharing a bit about me and my passion for creating.


Knot By Gran'ma guest blog post: Inspired to Crochet


I live in the beautiful state of Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis.  My husband and I have been blessed with one daughter so far.  My little Peanut was born in 2011 and was the reason I started blogging.  Over the past two years my blog has developed into a passion and a way for me to share what I love.

My loves: my family, blogging, knitting, DIY, fashion, music, recipes, meal planning & most recently – CROCHET!

Back in September I decided I was going to learn how to crochet.  I have known how to knit for a very long time – my mom taught me back when I was in 6th grade.  I wasn’t a pro knitter by any means, but I was pretty darn good.  I could knit in the round using double pointed or circle needles, knew how to make a button hole and could even work a knit/pearl without looking.  I have knit hats, scarves (a LOT of scarves) and even a couple of blankets for my daughter, but I still wasn’t able to make everything I wanted.

I found myself pinning beautiful hats, mittens and toys on Pinterest only to find out that they weren’t knit, they were crocheted.  So, I did what I though any normal person would do – I taught myself how to crochet. Well, it might not be what most people would do, but it really wasn’t as hard as you might think.

I started by making an adorable little bow from the pattern, yarn and hook that came with my Mollie Makes magazine. The directions were geared toward newbie crocheters and even included links to videos online.  I whipped up a couple dozen (yep – dozen) bows, and felt my confidence grow.

Knot By Gran'ma guest blog post: Inspired to Crochet
Mollie Makes Magazine

Then, I found a pattern online that I really wanted to make which turned out to be this hat.  It was a pretty straight forward pattern, but if I came across a term I wasn’t familiar with (like double crochet or slip stitch) I would pop that tern in my trusty Google machine and find a video that would show me how to do it.  I might watch the video three or four times as I practiced the stitch.  I spent many nights sitting on the couch with iPad on my lap and crochet hook and yarn in hand, learning the basics of crochet.

Below are a few of the projects I’ve made.

Knot By Gran'ma guest blog post: Inspired to Crochet

I have to admit, that while my first love will always be knitting, I have become quite fond of crochet. Some of the things I like about crochet (in my own humble opinion):

  • Crochet is faster than knitting.
  • It is easier to create three dimensional shapes with
  • Crochet is much more forgiving than knitting – I can easily pull out an entire row of crochet and fix my error, but if I make a mistake with knitting, I have to leave it or find another way to mask the mistake.

I’m really excited about this new love of mine, and encourage you to give it a go if you have been thinking about learning how to crochet.  Check out the posts on how to crochet right here on Knot By Gran’ma – Jess will get you going with the basics.

A few of my favorite crochet pieces are also available for sale in my shop – Squishy Cheeks Designs

Thanks to Jess for letting me stop by and happy crocheting to you all! Don’t forget to follow me…I might not always know where I’m going, but at least you won’t be bored.



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